Underneath the world that everyone believes is the real one, a group of beings thought not to exist live, hunting through what the humans has thrown away, plotting the survival of their own race, this is the council of the night
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 Hope Valentine, Lady of Stealth

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PostSubject: Hope Valentine, Lady of Stealth   Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:20 pm

Name: Hope Valentine

Age: Looks 17 but is 3000 years old

Gender: Female


Personality: Hope is pretty happy and calm, enjoying the presence of many people. She loves sneaking up on other people and scaring them, she is very fun loving even if she should be more proper.

Bio: Was born to a high class family from both Germany and Ireland, her clan is a very powerful influence over Germany and Scotland; mostly in politics as well as the army industries. Her father was the previous lord of stealth and a pure-bred vampire, her mother was just an inferior neko compared to him. Her father Jeremiah Valentine fell for the inferior neko named Maria Brandt. Her father is Scottish and her mother was German, letting them have influence in both places. Her mother Maria passed away when Hope was fifteen, leaving her with her father. When her mom died, Hope decided to follow in her father's footsteps to become the lord of stealth and be a part of the well known Vampire Council. Hope has since moved on from her mother's death, knowing that she had declined being turned since she hadn't wanted it.

Position: Lady of Stealth
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Hope Valentine, Lady of Stealth
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