Underneath the world that everyone believes is the real one, a group of beings thought not to exist live, hunting through what the humans has thrown away, plotting the survival of their own race, this is the council of the night
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 Vasilisa, Lady of the Swordsman and Regular War Forces House.

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PostSubject: Vasilisa, Lady of the Swordsman and Regular War Forces House.   Thu Jun 24, 2010 5:49 pm

Name: Lady Vasilisa

Age: Looks 20 but is 1982 years old

Gender: Female

Looks: Vasilisa has long Blondie hair that stops at the beginning of her hips. Ice blue eyes, pale white skin. She wears the robes of the Council when in the Palace for meetings. Other times she wears black jeans and a tank top, or a dress made of black and red silk.

Personalty: Lady Vasilisa is mainly calm and collected. Shy and moody at times. Doesnt talk alot unless spoken to at most times.she would hurt and/or kill anyone who harms her coven. Shes been hurt in the past too many times to let love near her. She shuts herself off to everyone except her apperntice and followers of the house and sometimes even them. Her mate, Stefen, and young son Dimitri were the only ones she really ever talked to before.

Bio: Vasilisa was born in London, England. Her father was the pervous Head of The Vamipre Lords and her mother was the pervous Lord of Ability Research. She has three brothers, one sister. Her mate Stefen and her young son Dimitri was killed in the war between the wolves back in 1916.

Postion: House of Swordsman and Regular War Forces.
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Vasilisa, Lady of the Swordsman and Regular War Forces House.
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