Underneath the world that everyone believes is the real one, a group of beings thought not to exist live, hunting through what the humans has thrown away, plotting the survival of their own race, this is the council of the night
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 Oel Johnson, Lord of the head building

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PostSubject: Oel Johnson, Lord of the head building   Thu Jun 24, 2010 1:22 pm

Oel Johnson

Oel is a calm and easy going person, he is able to go with life and takes most of the hits and insults without taking much heed to them. However if someone insults someone who he cares a lot for or an ideal he holds dear, he'll snap.
Oel was born in one of the smaller villages, he is a pure blood, so he was quickly sent off to the council of the night to train, However this proved to be unneeded. He trained quickly on his own, becoming the strongest rather quickly, he was chosen to be the next head when the previous head died.
Lord of teh head building
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Oel Johnson, Lord of the head building
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