Underneath the world that everyone believes is the real one, a group of beings thought not to exist live, hunting through what the humans has thrown away, plotting the survival of their own race, this is the council of the night
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 Isa Rose

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PostSubject: Isa Rose   Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:49 am

Isa Esmeralda Crescent
She very small and petite.She black hair and dark red eyes.She dressed very fashionably(never wear something twice)
She's very open-mined and friendly. She can be little bitch when shes not happy with things.
She was born in Paris, France during the early 18th century. She was raise in a conservative rich family. Her father was a scientist and her mother was a Opera singer. She was the only child and heiress to her family fortune. On her 15th birthday she was bitten by a vampire while she was walking home from her birthday party till then she was stuck 15 for the rest of her life. She tried to go back to her family but they would not expect her , so she run away searching for the man who changed her. She would not rest until she found him.
Abilities: She special abilities are transmitting thoughts to someone by touching their skin and penetrating mental shield-sand can make them feel what she feels, she used that powers to communicate with people close to her.She also can use compulsion very easily on humans and vampires.She can run extremely fast and she really strong. She can also heals and repair any broken limbs.
Postion: She is not a fight, she only used her powers unless she have to. She loves to teach newborn vampire to controls their abilities. She loves to heals people and do research on how to control blood thrust. and She loves history. she loves to help vampire who are mentally lost and can provides them with free therapy sections.
(Abilities Research and Healing and Life)
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Isa Rose
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