Underneath the world that everyone believes is the real one, a group of beings thought not to exist live, hunting through what the humans has thrown away, plotting the survival of their own race, this is the council of the night
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 Angela Darkangel

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PostSubject: Angela Darkangel   Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:29 am

Angela Darkangel
29 years old

She is head strong and suborn but at the same time femanine , she like men but also uses her whiles to get what she wants, IE the deaths of vampires she dosn't like. She wants to form an alliance between the factions so peace can finally start, but she knows it will take along time.

Born to Joshua and Emma Darkangel, she grew up among fighting. Her family moved around as both were hunters. She learned at an early age not to take any body at face value and so she learned quickly all her skills from her father. Her mother tought her the value of love and kindness and always told her that her one true love would come along , though as time when buy and her perants died one by one she lost that side of her and she now keeps that side of her locked inside her.

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Angela Darkangel
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